Council elections

Message to SETAC members in Europe:


Call for Nominations for SETAC Europe Council 

SETAC Europe is one of the 5 Geographical Units of SETAC working under the umbrella of SETAC World. SETAC Europe is comprised of some 2000 individual members and institutions from Academia, Business and Government. Globally, SETAC has some 6000 members. As a Geographic Unit, SETAC Europe has an independent status and is registered as a not for profit member organisation in Brussels, Belgium. SETAC Europe is governed by a Council of 18 members elected by the SETAC Europe membership - as long as you are registered as a voting member - at the Annual General Assembly which takes place during the Annual Meeting. 

Working in the SETAC Europe Council

The main responsibilities of the SETAC Europe Council are the strategic planning and policy setting for science issues, meetings, education & publications, membership development and outreach, public relations, finances and awards. SETAC Europe activities are executed through the Brussels office and volunteer committees. SETAC Europe annual turnover is 1.6 M Euros.

Working in the SETAC Europe Council gives you the opportunity to shape the future of the Society with a dynamic international and highly motivated team of professionals and volunteers. The average time investment for SETAC Europe Council members is less than 2 days per month, including phone meetings (4 to 5 each year). Apart from the Annual Meeting, the Council has face-to-face meetings 2 times per year, usually in September and January.

SETAC Europe Council members serve for a period of 3 years and may be re-elected for one additional term of 3 years. 

Positions available

The tripartite balance among Academia, Business and Government is essential for SETAC and is reflected in the activities SETAC is organising. The tripartite balance is also maintained in the SETAC Europe Council. 

In 2016, 5 members of the SETAC Europe Council will step down. To keep the tripartite balance, 5 positions are available for:

  • 1 member from Academia
  • 3 members from Business
  • 1 member from Government

The SETAC Europe Council should also reflect the geographical distribution of the membership countries throughout Europe. Applications are therefore encouraged from members having their professional residence in every European country. 

We offer:

  • Opportunities to shape the future of the Society.
  • A dynamic international and highly motivated team to work with.
  • Opportunities to further extend your international professional network.
  • A very rewarding job in pursuit of SETAC's mission Environmental quality through science
  • Gaining of governance experience.
  • A  3-year term with the possibility for re-election for 1 consecutive term.
  • The opportunity to stand for election as the SETAC Europe President. 

We ask: 

  • Expertise and network in one of the areas of SETAC.
  • Being a SETAC member in good standing and acquainted with SETAC activities.
  • Willingness to work within the Council for 3 years.
  • Ability and motivation to spend on average 2 days per month on Council activities.
  • Support of your organisation to cover costs for travel and your time.  SETAC may contribute to your travel costs when working for SETAC in exceptional cases.
  • Residing in the geographic area of SETAC Europe.

SETAC is striving to an adequate reflection of the membership in the council and that also student members with more than 3 year professional experience and involvement in SETAC affairs are invited to apply.

Your application

Please apply using the SETAC Europe Council application form and send your candidature to SETAC Europe attn. of Monica Amorim, chair of the SETAC Europe Nominations Committee before 15 March 2016. 

The SETAC Europe Nominations Committee selects eligible candidates to be nominated for election at the Annual General Assembly to be held on Wednesday 25 May 2016 in Nantes.

The term of elected candidates will start upon their election by the SETAC Europe Annual General Assembly in May 2016.


Monica Amorim, Chair of the SETAC Europe Nomination Committee