SETAC goes for sustainable food

Responsible food is at the heart of SETAC Europe's annual meeting in Nantes!

We have chosen Ruffault's sustainable catering where you will have the opportunity to taste only local products!

By choosing sustainable catering we privilege seasonal food, the supply from local suppliers and products chosen with care and ethics in respect of their origin and treatment.

Indirectly, SETAC is contributing to corporate social responsibility by choosing catering services which are integrating disabled workers in administrative teams, trainees in hosting and commercial teams and apprentices in cooking and services.       

In practice, all delegates will be using returnable bottles, recycled/upgraded packaging and will notice the sorting of waste and therefor contribute to the setting up of a carbon footprint development plan.

Let's be responsible, let's eat sustainable! 


La Cite, a congress center with strong environmental commitment

The event will be held in la Cite.

La Cite stands at the heart of a region driven by sustainability. It comes therefore as no surprise that Nantes has been designated "European Green Capital 2013"

La Cite is highly involved in Nantes environmental and climate policies. Fostering Corporate Social Responsibility is at the core of its overall strategy which includes a 10% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2015.

In addition to being ideally located (in the city centre and opposite the high-speed train station) and to boasting in-house green practices, La Cite's commitment is demonstrated by:

  • The optimized management of the venue (2010 Carbon audit)
  • The implementation of a meaningful sustainability policy (waste sorting system, energy reduction, green electricity, sustainability clauses in commercial agreements, responsible purchasing, cleaning service during daylight hours, etc.)
  • The introduction of a vast range of eco-responsible services
  • The presence of a dedicated certified eco-consultant

The eco-responsible offer includes: eco-designed stands, recycling of exhibition materials, on-line registration and printing of badges, signage on recyclable materials with Imprim'Vert suppliers, heavy waste sorting system, "Pass'Cite" travel pass to encourage the use of public transport, eco-designed or recycled promotional items, use of organic, fair-trade or local products when considering catering options, etc.

La Cite goes even further. It is regarded as one of the leading convention centres for its actions to reduce event carbon footprint. We are in a position to outline the carbon impact of your event per person, right from the initial proposal. Our certified eco-consultant will offer advice, on request, from a simple carbon approach to global event carbon management, including carbon offsets.

In addition to the ISO 9001 certification, ISO 26000 "confirmed" level, La Cite has achieved Gold AIPC Quality Standards certification and France Congres Quality and Sustainability Charter. We plays an active participation in the United Nations Global Compact. Following the example of Exponantes Le Parc, the 1st European exhibition centre with the ISO 14001 certification, La Cite places an ongoing emphasis on social and environmental issues. 

For more information go to La Cite.